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July 21, 2020

New, new, new, same, same

Welcome to my new website!

We're moving into a future that no-one had expected. In a few months time I'll be welcoming a new baby, and all the new things that brings. Life will never be the same again after he or she arrives! However, some things have not changed. I am still aiming to compete in the Vendée Globe around the world race. And, to get there I still need to continue to work hard, at solo sailing and at building my campaign.

Solo sailors are not natural self-promoters. Our goal is to be alone on a boat in the sea, but over the last few years I've grown to really enjoy sharing my experiences, and the satisfaction this brings. With this in mind I thought I'd restart a little blog here on my website, though I also share on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter - search Joan Mulloy Racing if you're interested.

My goal at the moment is to compete in one solo race in 2021. It might be more, it might be less, but with a young baby (soon to be) under one arm and my sponsorship proposal under the other, I'm off to make it happen.

More soon!

Leg 3 of La Solitaire du Figaro 2019. Photo: Alexis Courcoux, All Rights Reserved

Joan Mulloy

Mayo native Joan Mulloy is one of Ireland’s most inspiring young sailors, representing her country on the global racing stage. Since learning to sail on the West coast she has followed a determined path to global success, representing Irish ambition and homegrown talent in the high-octane world of offshore racing.

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