Using weather intelligence to improve tomorrow, now.

As a professional sailor, there are very few things I care more about than the weather and climate.

The Vendée Globe solo racers must permanently tamper with the weather systems. These are made of anticyclones - rather stable and moderately windy high pressure zones – and depressions, usually generating strong winds. This confrontation between high and low pressures determines the strategy to adopt in each zone of the course of the Vendée Globe. The North-South trajectory to go down the Atlantic and the South-North way back up are perpendicular to the general movement of perturbations whereas crossing the Indian and Pacific in the Southern seas is done in the same direction as the weather systems.

Outside of sailing, the climate has global consequences. The impact of weather can devastate economies and lives, and is a key contributor to global poverty.​

For this reason, I have teamed up with, a nonprofit with a purpose of driving inclusive prosperity through climate smart solutions and weather intelligence.​ With, I will visit the world's most remote oceans and better understand how a changing climate impact people's lives, globally.

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